“We are happy to announce the release of our second book entitled:

“Marriage Beyond the Bed.” 

      Marriage is a beautiful thing! The purpose of this book is to show and encourage readers. After the wonderful wedding day and the honeymoon is over, couples have to be willing to invest in each other to enjoy marriage beyond the bed. We must always remember tht in a relationship, both parties bring fears, insecurities and baggage from our cultures and environment. We must leave these things in the past and move forward to unite and become one. Every marriage will have disagreements, challenges and difficulties, but this is a part of the process to help communicate more effectively and grow with understanding.

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Marriage Beyond the Bed



“We are learning that our purpose in life is far greater than our personal fulfillment. When we have fulfilled our careers, married the love our life, enjoyed our family, purchased our homes and have pursued our highest dreams, there is yet something missing in the human life. Our human abilities are so limited and weak, that is when we look to God the strength that is greater than anything a human can offer.”

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O God Strengthen Our Hands


By Paula Uzuka on April 17, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“Wonderful book, it is really a blessing to pastors and ministers who are going through a lot in their personal life and struggling in ministry. A great encouragement”